Try these eight unique way, the protein substance is added to the daily food.

Instead of drinking the same protein smoothie every day, it's better to change the pattern and try the protein powder recipe below, which is also a healthy lifestyle that provides the protein you need every day.

The alternative protein-rich want to have breakfast, with 1 and 2 parts of whole egg protein, and a spoonful of protein powder were stirred together until a thick cake batter-like shape, and cooking can be a protein pancake up.

Protein powder can be used to enhance the flavor of oatmeal .Just add a spoonful of desired protein flavor to the cooled plain oats.

Add a dose of protein and flavor to your hot cocoa to make it nutritious and delicious.

To make a simple snack, just mix protein powder with peanut butter and cool in the refrigerator to make peanut butter balls.

For a delicious salad dressing, add a spoonful of protein powder to the salad dressing and mix it with Greek yogurt.

With protein banana flavorquality powder quickly make a banana pudding, you can add an extra delicious Greek yogurt. 1 cup of protein powder per cup of yogurt.

Add vanilla-flavored protein powder to your coffee to get instant latte that gives you energy.

You can make a healthy version of chocolate cheesecake by mixing chocolate protein powder with dairy cheese.